Monday, July 6, 2015

Why My Daughter Loves Magic

Here's a (partial) list of why my daughter loves Magic.

My daughter loves Magic because...
  • ... she enjoys playing competitive games.
  • ... I'm willing to spend a night unsleeving her Commander deck  (Horde of Notions) so that she can have a new Commander deck (Heartless Hidetsugu) to play with the next day.
  • ... she thinks dragons and hydras and demons are cool.
  • ... she gets a 'Dad Discount' when she spends her own money to draft.
  • ... I save booster packs so that we can play Pack Wars or have a two-player Sealed event at home.
  • ... the people at FNM are uniformly kind, patient, and encouraging (I don't think they'll ever realize how much I appreciate this - but guys, I really do).
  • ... she thinks planeswalkers and Phyrexians and Eldrazi are REALLY cool.
  • ... sometimes when we play I'll distract her before sliding a super-awesome card from the middle of her deck up to the top.
  • ... she likes watching our shared collection grow.
  • ... the lore fires her imagination (sometimes into some wonderfully odd places).
  • ... she keeps the store credit she earns when she places in a draft, and I give her 33% of the store credit I earn when we go to a draft together.
  • ... I build Standard decks for her using super-duper awesome cards like The Chain Veil or Soulflayer.
  • ... she has been taught that you don't have to win to enjoy a game.

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