Monday, July 20, 2015

My Daughter's Proxies; or, The Cutest Goyf in the World

I think I've mentioned that whenever I buy a box of Magic cards, my daughter and I simulate a Sealed format by opening six packs at a time, building Limited decks, and playing each other.  It's great fun, and educational to boot.

But when my Modern Masters 2015 box arrived, I fell prey to my American capitalistic sensibilities: I insisted that any 'money' cards could not be used.  "That's not fun!" my daughter said, and you know what, she's entirely right.  So we arrived at a compromise that lit up her little eyes: she would draw proxies for the money cards.  Here are a few; see if you can guess what cards they represent before reading the explanation.

This is a Vendilion Clique (or, as my daughter used to say, "the Vendilion Snap"; it took me a while to understand her confusion).  I have no idea why the sun in the picture is wearing glasses.

This is a proxy for a foil Vraska the Unseen that we opened in a Return to Ravnica box.  My daughter thought it would be hilarious to give her a big smile.  You know, she's kinda right.

And these are her pride and joy: a rather cheerful pair of Tarmogoyfs.  One is a boy and one is a girl (note the ribbon on the girl Tarmogoyf).

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